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CouponFeature - Automatic Coupon Finder

Our browser extension automatically searches over the internet for the latest and best discount codes. Find the best discounts on‌ ‌20,000+‌ ‌online stores and save on all your online purchases!

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How does our Browser Extension work?
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CouponFeature is a free browser extension that automatically searches over the internet for the best discount codes. Add CouponFeature Coupon Finder for free and start saving as you shop online!

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In order to grab the discount codes easily and quickly, please remember to pin our CouponFeature Coupon Finder to your browser toolbar.

Get discount codes automatically

Simply click on the CouponFeature button during checkout and CouponFeature will show you the best discount codes to apply to your shopping cart.

CouponFeature-Coupon Finder-Free Browser Extension