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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Halloween?

Halloween is the abbreviation of "all Hallow's Eve". The day before Halloween (all Hallow's day), that is, October 31 every year, is a traditional festival in the western world. Celebrations are generally held in the evening. It is mainly popular in western countries such as the United States, the British Isles, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

2. How will Halloween be celebrated?

Trick or Treat

Children carrying pumpkin lanterns and wearing all kinds of costumes imitating demons and ghosts knocked on the door door and shouted, "trick or treat!"

Apple Bobbing

People let the apple float in a basin full of water, and then let the participants bite the apple with their mouth without hands. Whoever bites first is the winner.

Divination Game

In Ireland, there is a traditional divination game in which participants blindfold and choose one of several small dishes from the table. If the dish they touch is filled with soil, it means that someone related to the participants will pass away in the coming year.

Ghost Carnival

New York City also holds a parade on Halloween night to let a group of vampires, zombies, witches and science freaks show up. Citizens of different age, gender, class and nationality are welcome to visit.