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Dressing Up in Comfort: The New Balance Shopping Experience Decoded


Are you a fitness enthusiast with a penchant for stylish sportswear? Look no further than New Balance for your athletic gear needs.

Why is New Balance so popular?

New Balance is a global athletic brand with a rich history dating back to 1906. The company was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, by William J. Riley. Originally, New Balance specialized in arch support products, focusing on providing comfortable footwear for people with various foot issues.

Over the years, New Balance expanded its offerings to include a wide range of athletic footwear, sneakers, running shoes, and sportswear for men, women, and children. They are known for their commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative technologies that cater to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. New Balance’s mission is to empower people through sport and craftsmanship to create positive change in communities around the world.

However, we understand that quality comes at a cost. Fear not! We've compiled a list of savvy shopping strategies to help you score fantastic deals on New Balance products without sacrificing style or performance.


How to save more on your shopping?

Sign Up for Newsletters: Exclusive Offers Await

New Balance offers special discounts and early access to sales for their subscribers. You can subscribe to their newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming promotions and snag those sought-after items at a fraction of the price.

Long-term effective offer: Sign Up & Get 15% off Your First Order


Looking for Seasonal Sales: Timing is Key

Patience can pay off, especially during seasonal sales events. New Balance often offers discounts during major shopping seasons like Black Friday, back-to-school, and summer clearance. For instance, they offered huge saving on Black Friday: Up to 50% off Select Items. So you should plan your purchases ahead and wait for these opportune moments to grab your favorite products at reduced prices.

Current Back to School sale: Save up to 20% off Select Shoes, valid to 9/4/23


Explore Outlet Sections: Hidden Treasures Await

Visit the sale page of the New Balance website for hidden gems, they have been offering average discounts of 20% to 30% in this section for a long time, and even as much as 60% discount at the previous Christmas. These clearance items may be from previous seasons but still offer top-notch quality. You might stumble upon last season's running shoes or stylish activewear, all at a fraction of the original price.

Quick Links: Enjoy up to 22% off Sale Items, time limited to 9/30/23


Utilize Additional Discount: Unlock Extra Savings

Before finalizing your purchase, you can take a quick detour to search for available coupons. New Balance aggregates hidden deals, allowing you to enjoy additional discounts or perks like free shipping and student discount.

Year-round promotions: Free Shipping on Orders over $100  & Students Get Extra 15% off Regular Prices Items + 5% off Sale Items


Follow Social Media: Stay in the Loop

Stay connected with New Balance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and some other social medias. They often share exclusive offers, giveaways, and flash sales with their followers. Plus, you'll stay in the loop about new product releases, so you can make informed decisions about your purchases.


Consider Membership Programs: Loyalty Rewarded

New Balance's loyalty programs are good saving chance for you. These programs often come with benefits like points for purchases, early access to sales, and special discounts reserved for members. Sign up for their email to be the member of MyNB, and then earn points of your every spent. For now, you can firstly enjoy exclusive member benefits: Save 15% off regular priced items+ 5% off sale items!


Take advantage of Coupon Websites: Direct Way to Explore

Coupon websites or browser extensions aggregate and provide coupon codes for various retailers. Take an example, our CouponFeature.com, which is a website that offers timely, valid end exclusive coupon codes, discounts, and deals for more than 3000 online retailers and services can greatly assist you to get huge savings. You can get the most effective promotion just through our website.

With these tips in mind, you can build an impressive sportswear collection without breaking the bank. And below we will recommend some New Balance’s best sellers to you.


What are the Trending Items?

Here are some categories that have gained so much attention:

Classic Sneakers: New Balance is known for its classic sneaker models, like the New Balance 574 Core, typically fell within the range of $60 to $100 USD. This sneaker combines comfort and style, making it a favorite among sneaker enthusiasts and those looking for versatile footwear.  

Running Shoes: New Balance has a strong reputation in the running community, and their running shoe models often garner attention. Look for shoes with their proprietary cushioning technologies like Fresh Foam and FuelCell. Mention that the shoes are currently on sale for back-to-school season: up to 20% off. The original price $199, only $159 now!

Lifestyle Collections: Beyond performance gear, New Balance offers lifestyle collections that blend sportswear and fashion. These collections often include casual sneakers and apparel that are popular for everyday wear. This category will have huge discounts in various large holiday deals, for example, they had time-limited promotion last Thanksgiving Day: up to 15% off. Therefore, you can pay more attention to the sale events this year.  

Collaboration Releases: Like many popular brands, New Balance collaborates with designers, artists, and other brands to create limited-edition releases but with affordable price, like R.W. Tech Tee with Dri-Release Men’s T-shirt, only $49.99. These collaborations can lead to highly sought-after items among collectors and trend followers.

In conclusion, shopping for New Balance products is more than just a transaction—it's a journey towards style, comfort, and performance. Armed with the knowledge from this shopping guide, you're now equipped to make informed choices that align with your preferences and needs.